Computer Software Consulting/Engineering

We offer software consulting services. We can take a software project from the whiteboard to a fully-functional and tested system. We pride ourselves on Test-Driven Development and Agile Development practices. Delivering a robust set of tests helps keep our products stable and our customers happy. Beyond testing, we have also developed simulation tools to help during integration phases.

Computer Security/IT Consulting

Using standard industry security practices, we can help secure your networks and computer systems. Whether you are trying to segregate VLANs, or install the latest firewall solution, we can help. Giving you visibility and alerts on what’s happening in your network is our goal.

Computer Systems Integration

We have many years of experience integrating hardware and software systems for military, National Science Foundation, and other government agency contracts. We have a deep background in Linux hardware integration. Developing a full functional test plan for systems and tracing requirements is part of our strategy.

Simulation Development

Using Coppelia Robotics V-REP, we can create simulated robotics. Hooking into various programming languages (e.g. Python), robotic behavior can be tested before making a full investment in expensive hardware prototypes. Also, we have created simulated devices through software to emulate various sensors and devices.

Project Management

Using a combination of Agile and standard project management approaches, we can help track projects and keep them on-track. We don’t believe project management is a prescriptive, rigid, set of steps. Nor is it the latest certificate you get from a rigorous three-day training course. Real project management comes from working with teams to estimate and find risks. We stay down-to-earth in our approach to project management. Our success comes from our history of managing successful projects.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering is about people, processes, hardware, software, and systems. Finding the right balance can save companies money. We have experience with tracking user needs and requirements. We have experience designing critical systems with safety risks. We can help you design the high-level architecture of your system through Functional Analysis techniques. We make sure your system meets your budget, needs, and schedule. Trust us to help deliver your system.