This Week in Enterprise Tech 332: RSA Conference: A View From the Trenches

We have our guest Karl Klaessig of RSA talk about the Digital Risk Management, RSA Conference happening this week, voice assistants are getting out of the toy stage, Philli says no to cashless stores, and the land of OZ gets an autonomous train. Hosts: Louis Maresca and Brian Chee Guest: Karl Klaessig Download or subscribe to this show at … Read More

Triangulation 388: Kashmir Hill: Blocking the Big Five Tech Giants

Can we live without big tech? Is it even possible to avoid any influence when they dominate the internet today? Megan Morrone speaks with Gizmodo’s investigative reporter Kashmir Hill about her six weeks blocking Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple from monetizing her in any way whether through surveillance capitalism or using any of their products. Host: Megan Morrone Guest: … Read More

Tech News Weekly 73: Don’t Go, Jibo!

01:49 The Crowd is an app that allows investors to swipe left or right on new ideas pitched by entrepreneurs. COO Chase Johnson shares how the idea was inspired by Shark Tank, and what it’s led to so far. 13:49 Mark Zuckerberg posted about the importance of private communication, and Kurt Wagner from Recode discusses what this could mean for … Read More

This Week in Computer Hardware 507: Overclock, Undervolt, & Thunderbolt!

Patrick Norton and Sebastian Peak go over EVGA’s RTX 2060 XC Ultra GPU, NVIDIA’s Battle Royale FPS charts, GeForce RTX gaming bundles, Radeon VII undervolting, USB4 news, Nintendo’s cardboard Labo VR kit, and more! Hosts: Patrick Norton and Sebastian Peak Download or subscribe to this show at Send your computer hardware questions to Sponsor:

Ham Nation 392: AMECO Is Back!

Bob Heil’s next build project, a parametric EQ demo, all about LED lighting with Gordo, 2019 Young Ham Of The Year nominations with Don, George tests his Scope Squid, Dale shows your shack photos and more! Hosts: Bob Heil, Gordon West, George Thomas, Don Wilbanks, and Dale Puckett We invite you to read, add to, and amend our show notes … Read More

This Week in Google 498: Former TV Guide Critic

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10+ You Can Buy: First Look Facebook Pivots to Privacy Saudi Women Tracking App Might Not Be So Bad After All Google’s Dragonfly is Dead Waymo’s Lidar Play Google’s Privacy-Focused AI Framework AI Will Be Better Than Us at Understanding the “Incomprehensible Intricacy of our Everyday World.” Picks of the Week Leo’s Tools: Rotimatic, Samsung Galaxy … Read More

Windows Weekly 611: Band on the Run!

Here’s the real reason Microsoft is already testing 20H1 Also: Windows Calculator is open-sourced for some reason. Could Notepad be next??? Microsoft Edgium screenshots leak. Surprise, it looks like Chrome, not Edge. But that could change. Microsoft Band was dead two years ago, but now it’s really, really dead. A look back at Microsoft Band from its biggest fan It’s … Read More

FLOSS Weekly 520: Magalix

Magalix eliminates the complexity of balancing performance with infrastructure capacity, using AI. It is a low-touch service that makes infrastructure self-healing to deliver the maximum value. Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb Guest: Mohamed Ahmed Download or subscribe to this show at Here’s what’s coming up for FLOSS in the future. Think your open source project should be on … Read More

All About Android 410: Android is Blooming

Mike Wolfson demystifies Android Jetpack and what it means for developers. Android Slices took its time but its beginning to appear for Pixel users. Design hints for the OnePlus 7 might be found in the Oppo F11 Pro The Punkt MP02 might be the perfect phone for curbing smartphone addiction FXtec embraces fold-out QWERTY keyboards on the Pro1 smartphone Google … Read More

MacBreak Weekly 651: Lube for Your Cube

High Severity macOS Kernel Flaw MacOS Keychain Bug: Why Doesn’t macOS Have a Bug Bounty? Apple is Hiring More Software Engineers than Hardware Engineers Apple Lays Off 190 Auto Engineers USB 4: What You Need to Know Publishers Want More Apple Money Apple Secretly Fixes Flexgate Apple’s 2022 Folding Glass iPhone Apple Buys Lighthouse Patents Shot on iPhone 2019 Winners … Read More