Tech News Weekly 73: Don’t Go, Jibo!

01:49 The Crowd is an app that allows investors to swipe left or right on new ideas pitched by entrepreneurs. COO Chase Johnson shares how the idea was inspired by Shark Tank, and what it’s led to so far. 13:49 Mark Zuckerberg posted about the importance of private communication, and Kurt Wagner from Recode discusses what this could mean for … Read More

This Week in Tech 708: Outrage Moms

MWC 2019 and the Future of Smartphones and Wearables This Person Does Not Exist OpenAI and the Text Generator Too Dangerous to Exist Outrage Mobs and Twitter China’s Social Credit System Could Take Over the World Google and Saudia Arabia’s Woman Tracking App Silicon Valley and the US Military Do We Even Need Facebook? Make Elon Musk Stop Tweeting!!! TikTok … Read More